Wexit is not a practical or credible solution to Western discontent.

Photo by Peter Downing
Photo by Peter Downing

It is time to talk about Wexit. Other than the fact that the movement was founded by anti-muslim, far-right conspiracy theorists who believe Justin Trudeau is “normalizing pedophilia,” let’s discuss how realistic the concept actually is.

Firstly, Wexit does not, and would never, have the votes to make the separation of Western provinces from Canada possible. At the very least, there would be some sort of referendum on whether to separate and it is highly doubtful that a vote would result in a majority. Judging by the sea of blue that took over the West during the federal election, it may make it appear as though there would be massive support for the Wexit movement, but there are a few factors to examine.

It’s important to consider that not everyone voted in the federal election and it is naïve to believe that all these non-voters support breaking apart from Canada. Also, many people voted NDP, Liberal, Green, or Independent. Add those together and you will get a massive portion of the population that does not share the Western separatism ideals. Most importantly, not all those who voted Conservative support Wexit, which cuts down the numbers of the movement’s presumed support.

Secondly, the West does not necessarily belong to the West. There is a significant amount of Aboriginal land in the West, both recognized and unrecognized. Treaty agreements were made with the Crown, not with the provinces of the West and it is the federal government that deals with Aboriginal lands and rights. Many Wexit supports seem to ignore this crucial component.

Lastly, let’s look at Wexit’s plan for separation. What are their economic plans or foreign policy objectives? How will they distribute social services? What does citizenship look like? What happens when the natural resources they are banking on run out? What does the future for a separated West actually look like? There is no plan.

It is time to do away with this ridiculous and impractical Wexit idea. It is not useful or helpful. What this group of people should be doing is getting involved with politics instead of complaining that they are so hard done by. Yes, there are issues that need to be addressed in regard to the relationship between the federal government and Western provinces, but moving for a split does not fix anything.

We, the West, need to push for electoral reform so that Canadians are properly represented in Parliament. Western Premiers need to work with the federal government and create solutions instead of stomping their feet and refusing to participate in our democracy. Ultimately, we need to start holding our provincial governments accountable for the policy decisions they make that cause problems (looking at you Alberta).

But who am I to say that Wexit is foolish and a mess waiting to happen? Brexit is clearly going swimmingly well.