Arts showcase and intercultural buffet hosted at UBC Okanagan.

Hosted by the UBCSUO, the Multicultural Arts Gala is an annual event to showcase art by the diverse UBC Okanagan student body. The event combines the art showcase with an intercultural buffet as well. The main motivation behind the event is to celebrate the multitudes of different cultures represented here at UBC Okanagan through art and food. The art on display is donated and presented by the student body. Students are encouraged to submit their artwork through a Google form, available here. Both performance and visual art pieces are encouraged. Group submissions, as well as individual ones, will be accepted. Some examples of art forms that can be included are paintings, drawings, photographs, digital art pieces, poetry, short stories, video, music, dance, spoken word, stand-up comedy, etc. Students who would like to bring a dish from their home culture are also encouraged to do so.

There are over 100 countries represented by the international student body at UBC Okanagan. Based on the 2018/2019 UBC Annual Enrolment Report, 18% of the UBCO student body was comprised of international students: 15% of undergraduate students and 3% of graduate students. As well, 5.7% of the student body identified as Aboriginal. As a result, UBC Okanagan is fortunate enough to have a community rich in diversity from a wide variety of backgrounds. Events like the Multicultural Arts Gala are a great opportunity to learn more about the different cultures and backgrounds that make up UBCO.

The 2019 Multicultural Arts Gala will take place on Saturday, November 16, 2019, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. It will be hosted in the UNC Ballroom (UNC 200). For more information regarding the event, stay tuned to the Facebook event page.