Photo by Emmah Barber
Photo by Emmah Barber

From November 7 to November 9, the 31st Great Okanagan Book Sale is being held in the Immaculate Conception Parish Hall near downtown Kelowna.

In my first year at UBC Okanagan, I attended the 29th Great Okanagan Book Sale and was not disappointed by the book selection or the bargains at the event. I came out of the sale with four new-to-me books for under $10 total and a newfound desire to delve back into the world of reading.

I will definitely be returning to the book sale this year and urge other students to check it out for a number of reasons, the first being that this is a second-hand book sale, and as I typically mention in my articles, buying second hand is a great way to reduce waste and reuse existing resources.

Second, the bargains are too good to pass up. Most books at the event are priced around $2 which is a steal in comparison to book store prices.

Third, according to The Reading Agency, “reading for pleasure increases our understanding of our own identity, improves empathy and gives us an insight into the world view of others.” Reading also provides students with a break from screen time and gives the mind a chance to rest and recover from studying.

Lastly, the funds raised at the event support Kelowna Friends of the Library Okanagan, a non-profit organization that supports the Okanagan Regional Library with particular focus on the branches in the Kelowna area.

For more information including hours of operation and the address of the Immaculate Conception Parish Hall, visit this link.