The survey for the 2020/21 tuition consultation closed on October 31 and 8.4% of the student population provided feedback on the proposed tuition increase. This consultation allowed students to address their financial concerns if tuition were to increase and respond to the best future investments the university should consider.

In recent years, the tuition increases have been a 2% increase for continuing domestic students and a maximum 5% increase for continuing international students. These consultations are reviewed annually by the UBC Board of Governors and so far the fees have always increased. This occurs despite the letters forwarded to the Board of Governors from UBC Vancouver’s Alma Mater Society and UBCSUO urging the board to take into consideration the financial burden on students.

Furthermore, for the 2019/20 consultation, about 85% of students voted against the proposed tuition increase to no avail. The main concern many students had was that they found it difficult to already pay the current tuition and they are worried about the amount of debt accumulating. The 2018/19 consultation showed that 92% of students are against the increase compared to 85% in 2017/18. The concerns were very similar to the ones expressed in the 2019/20 consultation. Due to the staggering number of students against the proposed increase, it is safe to say that student concerns are not really taken into consideration.

However, the excess funds the university receives from the tuition are used to invest in improving the university. This includes being able to pay professors higher wages, improving technology on campus, and building new infrastructure among many other investments.

Given the increase in tuition in recent years despite strong student opposition, it is highly likely that the 2020/21 consultation will yield similar results.