Photo by Dave Mahussier
Photo by Dave Mahussier

The UBCO Heat Women’s soccer team has not yet won a game or had any offensive contributions this September. The team is 0-6 so far this season and is struggling to find a goal.

In 6 games, the Heat have been scored on 18 times which is an average of 3.60 goals per game. The Heat have 38 registered shots on net but have had no luck getting it past any keepers. The team’s shot per game average is at 8.8. If they are to score, they are going to need to get this shot average up to get onto the scoreboard.

The Heat aren’t alone in their struggle in the Western Pacific division, as Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is 1-4-1 in the season. In comparison, UBCO is in eighth place in the Western Pacific division with zero points to TRU’s seventh place at 4 points.

It will be hard to say if the Heat will be able to make any type of comeback with this slow start, especially since early games are often essential. We can only hope our home team can improve and begin to win some games before mid season.

Last year’s Women’s Heat of 2018/19 went 3-9-2. It’s looking like this season might be a repeat of last year if the team does not come up with some solutions soon.

You can check out the Heat Women’s soccer schedule here.