Photo by Andrea Marie Tan
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan

University coffee shops have a reputation of being exceedingly busy due to the typical university student’s reliance on caffeine for powering through a busy day of class and studying. The coffee shops at UBCO, including Starbucks and Tim Hortons, are no exception to this regularity.

However, on October 1, 2019, UBCO students got the chance to skip these lines and save a little bit of extra cash by participating in the National Coffee Day event hosted by the UBCO School of Engineering.

The School of Engineering provided free coffee from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. for students to grab in between classes. They had a wide range of milk alternatives to go with the coffee and they also provided delicious cookies in the shape of red Es to represent the School of Engineering.

While the event was hosted by the UBCO School of Engineering, it is safe to say that engineers are not the only students consuming caffeine as a part of their daily routines. National Coffee Day provides the perfect opportunity for all students to reflect on the benefits and implications of coffee consumption.

According to the Coffee Association of Canada, “A massive Harvard led study of 200,000 people over a 30-year period concluded that drinking one to five cups of coffee per day was associated with fewer incidences of death from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases and suicide.”

Although coffee is beneficial in many students’ lives, it is important that students remember their limits and don’t ignore its negative side effects. For example, coffee can cause difficulty sleeping and anxiety which can result in negative performances on tests and poor mental health.

Another negative aspect to purchasing coffee from Starbucks or Tim Hortons on campus is the waste associated with single-use cups. Posters can be seen across the UBCO campus with the message to opt for a reusable mug from home rather than a single-use cup. Statistically, 151,763 cups of coffee have been sold at the campus cafeteria.

Coffee consumption and university life tend to go hand-in-hand. The National Coffee Day event at UBCO prompted dialogue about coffee’s negative impacts as well as its benefits, but above all, it gave students a chance to celebrate something they love as a community.