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On September 22, the Canadian Women’s FIBA 3X3 basketball team beat the USA in Edmonton to win their fourth title of the tour. Canada has won Prague, Bucharest, Montreal and Edmonton consecutively this year. The tournament in Edmonton is the fifteenth FIBA tournament of the year, and Canada has participated in seven of the events.

The Canadian Women’s 3X3 is currently ranked second in the FIBA tour standings with 610 points not far behind France whom have 770 points.

Canada as a country is rated by FIBA as 23rd in the world and third overall in the Americas.

The Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics is quickly approaching. Tokyo will be hosting for the first time in history the women’s 3X3 basketball division. The women’s division currently has ten more openings, and Canada is shaping up to be a potential candidate to qualify for the games.

Something interesting to know about the Canadian Women’s 3X3 team is that it is currently under-funded and is paying much of its expenses out of pocket. Basketball Canada has only offered the team uniforms and no financial support.

It is disappointing to know this, especially given that the women’s 3X3 is making its premier at this 2020 games. The team is evidently not phased as they have performed very well given its little financial support. Despite the disappointment, the team has a good shot at qualifying for the 2020 Olympics.