Here's your chance to read all about your 2019 By-Election candidates.

Please note there will also be a candidate debate on Monday, October 7th at 5pm at the UNC Theater. Cast your vote October 9th to 15th on SSC Webvote.

Candidates for Director at Large:

Bazil Raza

Platform not provided

Gurnaz Sandhu

"Hello, my name is Gurnaz Sandhu and I am a BMS undergrad running to become your director at large. I know what an integral part UBCO plays in our lives, and I want to be that individual who can elevate your experience here. The essentials duties of my position include management and control of the affairs of the SUO. In order for a efficiently running student body, the union depends upon the director at large to make sure each elected individual is fufulling their duties. I have held various leadership roles in the past including elected student council positions. I have also been an active volunteer for years which has allowed me to raise money for various charities and non profit organizations. In addition, I have done many speeches and TedX talks, and have also won a pageant title. This year I am on the UBC Alumini student leadership committee, UBC Wellbeing student team, and 5 additional clubs. The roles I hold or have held are all completely different from one another, which has allowed me to have a diverse range of qualities and skills to bring to the SUO. Among the various committees that are part of the SUO, my focus will be on campus life because the campus is every students second home. And I will work for it to continue to be a safe, engaging, and inviting place. My other key platform points in brief are raising mental health awareness, creating open resources and textbooks, promoting cultural diversity, increasing club and student activity, advocating fair rights for international students, and creating an unbiased approach to decision making. I hope you make the right decision this election, and vote Gurnaz Sandhu for director and large."

Casey Stein

"Hello UBCO! My name is Casey Stein and I am a third-year Philosophy, Politics, Economics major. I am an international student from the great state of Texas, but prefer B.C. in almost every way. In high-school, I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and OCD, an experience which changed my life and forced me to mature quickly. Thus, I became involved on campus due to my passion for mental health advocacy and a desire to help change the course of the Student’s Union. For the past 16 months, I have been privileged to serve as a Director at Large and Co-op Student for them! Prior to that, I have shared my personal experience with others through advocacy organizations in an effort to reduce the stigma and bring hope. Unfortunately, the number of students attending UBCO who’ve expressed severe suicidal ideation to either myself or a friend is in double digits, and suicide is still the 2nd leading cause of death among 19-34 year-olds. This summer, I worked with external well-being organizations and key members of the SUO to book the first ever Okanagan Regional summit, SUO participation in Thrive, and many more incredible mental health advocacy projects!!! The projects the SUO is engaging in can help so many suffering students, and I would love to continue to be a part. In addition, I have helped rewrite dozens of pages of Student Union policy, and hope to help implement our new regulations. Check out my Facebook page @CaseyDirectoratLarge to see my full platform. Debates are next Monday, and voting is October 9th-11!"

Abdul Latif Qureshi

"My name is Abdul Latif Qureshi, I am in my third year of undergraduate studies at UBCO. I am majoring in Economics with a minor in Mathematics. I am interested in representing the student body on issues concerning their welfare and future prospects. My journey here at UBCO has been insightful and has helped me grow by getting me out of the sheltered life that I previously had. I came half way across the world all alone and was lucky enough to find a second home here at UBCO. I will make sure that every student experiences university life as I did. This would not have happened to me without the support of the university and my fellow students. That is why I am more than determined to return the favour and fight for to maintain a heart-warming and safe environment here at UBCO.

Given the opportunity, I will help UBCO become an integrated environment for all students who come from many different cultures and backgrounds. Our diversity makes us who we are, a group of highly motivated and successful people working hard towards our educational and career goals.

Running for the position of Director at Large will help me maintain the safe and welcoming environment by working alongside the VP Internal and VP Campus Life, such as:

· Mental Health Issues

· Sexual assault and harassment Issues

· Connect UBCO with Local Communities

· Open Education Resources and Financial concerns

· Advocate for a better responding environment to students’ needs and requirements"

Candidate for Graduate Student Representative:

Cassidy Wallis

"My name is Cassidy Wallis and I have had the pleasure of sitting on the Student Union as the appointed Graduate Student Representative for the past few months. Because of my experience as both the Graduate Student Community Facilitator and sitting on the Graduate Student Advisory Council, I have had the opportunity to hear about issues that impact graduate students. I believe that this unique position allows me insight into the needs of Graduate Students across faculties. My term will be focused on three central pillars to graduate student life: health, employment, and community. Health – As graduate students we have already begun the transition into our professional lives, as such I would like to see an expansion of health care coverage to include dependants, other forms of birth control, and greater access to mental health resources. Employment – Talking with students across faculties, the demands and availability of teaching

assistantships seem to be varied. I know that with cooperation and conversation we can work towards correcting these imbalances, so everyone has fair access to these opportunities, and reasonable/comparable workloads. Community – I will ensure that budget increases, which I have secured for this academic year, will become an annual expenditure. These funds will go towards Graduate Student events and enhancing campus life.

If you vote for me it will be my duty to ensure that each and every graduate students voice is heard and that you are well represented on the Student Union."

Candidate for Health and Social Development Student Representative:

Simran Sandhu

"Hi everyone, my name is Simran Sandhu and I am running to be the Faculty of Health and Social Development Representative in the UBCSUO 2019/2020 by-elections. I am a fourth year Human Kinetics student and I am currently on the UBC Senate, the UBC Alumni Student leadership committee and UBC wellbeing student team. I am also involved with many clubs on campus.

If I get elected, I would like to serve on the campaign committee and assist with the advocating for the fair rights for international students. Most of us already know that there has been a 64 % increase for international student tuition fees since 2006 compared to the lesser 2% increase for domestic students and it’s about to increase again. I also want to negotiate a decrease in the price of textbooks. Another platform point I have is to increase awareness about student health and wellness and I want do this through promoting the counselling and mental health services. Also, since I am a Human Kinetics student, I want to encourage exercise and nutrition among the students by creating programs that can help students with goal setting and meeting their fitness/health goals. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to vote!"