Five Kelowna music venues to visit.

Kelowna often gets a bad reputation as a city lacking in arts and culture. But while Kelowna does not have the same number of music venues as larger, more established places, the city is no slouch when it comes to watching live music. There are plenty of great venues in town to catch both local and touring acts:

Milkcrate Records (527 Lawrence Ave.)

This record store is a staple in the Kelowna music scene. They have the widest selection of vinyl in the city and they also have shows several times a week. If you sign up for their weekly email blast, you will receive news on all shows happening at Milkcrate Records and other venues around town.

Editors note: Milkcrate Records will be closed as of October 1st, 2019.

Muninn’s Post (575 Bernard Ave.)

This unique bar with a Viking, Nordic aesthetic has tons of great live music to catch any day of the week. They are the premier venue in town for jazz and metal, but also host artists from a wide variety of genres such as pop, rock, and indie. They also hold a jam night twice a month!

Fernando’s Pub (279 Bernard Ave.)

Located in the heart of downtown, this pub-restaurant is known for having great live music, showcasing both local and touring acts. A combination of cheap cover and drinks makes this place one of the more popular live music venues.

Doc Willoughby’s Public House (353 Bernard Ave.)

A few steps away from Fernando’s is Doc’s, which is also one of the more popular venues in the city. They have shows at around once a week in addition to other events. Come for the cheap $7 food menu, stay for the awesome music!

The Grateful Fed (509 Bernard Ave.)

As the name would indicate, this bar is decked out in 60s/70s classic rock memorabilia and posters. This is the smallest venue on this list by far, meaning the shows here have a very intimate feel. If you would like to sit 5 feet from the artists and fully engage in the music, make sure to stop by The Grateful Fed. They also host regular jam nights and open mic nights.