Directed by Madeline Davis, Take Me Home chronicles an aquatic man’s journey back home.

Harlequin Gold is made up of sisters Elle and Avery O’Brien, both Kelowna natives now based in Vancouver. Their folk-inspired indie pop sound is made complete with their other band members, guitarist Justice McClellan and drummer Jamison Ko. This sister duo has been taking the world by storm, playing in festivals such as Khatsalano and Westward, as well as sharing the stage with some big-name touring acts like Current Joys.

Take Me Home is the duo’s music video debut, directed by Madeleine Davis and starring actor (and former band member) Nick Coombe, who is also starring in the new live action Dora the Explorer film.

The video’s narrative follows an aquatic human (Nick Coombe), running through the city and trying to return home. The dimly lit night sequence with gritty visuals is in stark contrast to the upbeat, poppy guitar licks and sweet vocal harmonies. This juxtaposition, however, works well because of the hi-tempo drum beat that parallels the protagonist’s desperate dash throughout the video.

Harlequin Gold is set to play at Australia Big Sound in September, as well as Westward Music Festival later that month. You can find them on all streaming platforms as well as Facebook and Instagram.