Get ready for your most active fall yet.

The school year is just beginning and fostering habits to remain healthy and in shape might not be a top priority right now, but they will have some major benefits in and outside the classroom.

Sports can be a great way to make friends and work on team building skills, but there is more to it than meets the eye. In an article published by the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, Kyle Paradis and Luc Martin explain how groups and teams often improve participants' skills in cohesion, role understanding, communication, leadership, confidence and even help in reducing anxiety. In other words, there are some serious benefits to staying active that can improve your life, and potentially boost your school grades.

The best way to find out when and where intramurals or intramural related events are happening can be found on the UBCO website. The website has a detailed schedule that shows times for a variety of activities happening on campus. The intramural sports available on campus consist of basketball, volleyball, futsal, dodgeball, flag football and ultimate frisbee.

If you are looking to pick up something healthy with long-term benefits and an opportunity to make some new friends, drop in and talk to someone at the UBCO Sports and Rec and get. The Hangar is also open 7 days a week if you are looking for a workout.