TFR partners with HeadCheck to ensure the safety of their cyclists.

The Trek Factory Racing (TFR) off-road program established a partnership with HeadCheck Health Inc. (HeadCheck), aiming to improve the identification, documentation, assessment and management of concussions for cyclists.

The TFR is Trek’s in-house racing program which works to connect advanced bicycle development with inspirational athletes and to innovate better bikes for everyone.

Under the programs, the TFR cross country teams are at risk for concussions. However, they are committed to taking all possible precautions to protect the health of their athletes from accidents.

“This is about taking care of our athletes, pure and simple,” said Tim Vanderjeugd, Trek Sports Marketing Director. “Anytime we can give our programs the tools to help better identify and manage concussions in support of the long-term health of our riders, we are all in.”

HeadCheck provides the TFR the latest technology backed by evidence-based science, assisting the organizations to more efficiently manage their concussion policy. HeadCheck’s new mobile software, adapted by the TFR, is currently deployed by professional and amateur teams in more than 15 sports. The company has developed innovative software for sport organization teams, clinics, and individual practitioners to improve their concussion identification, assessment and management capabilities.

Cyclists from the TFR understand the real dangers behind concussions that are not properly identified and treated.

"Mountain Biking and racing in particular can be a dangerous sport,” said TFR rider Anton Cooper. “Head injuries are common, but the correct knowledge on how to manage them is not so widespread.”

The TFR’s team and staff for all their off-road programs will be implementing HeadCheck’s software in competitions. Riders will be able to self-check and report any symptoms from their mobile devices in order to avoid major injuries.