If you missed the previous Wings for Life World Run, the organization is hosting another event on May 5. Jim Mullan and Mike Shaw, who formed #TeamCoast2Coast, aim to collectively run 5,550 km in order to raise funds and awareness for spinal cord injury.

Mullan and Shaw, both formally diagnosed quadriplegics, have participated in the Wings for Life World Run previously, but, this year, they wanted to do more.

“To be told you will not be able to walk again feels like the loneliest thing in the world,” said Jim Mullen. “Meeting Mike made me realize I actually was not alone and that was an incredibly powerful moment for me. Mike and I decided we didn’t want others to feel alone either and that is how we came up with the idea to put #TeamCoast2Coast in the Wings for Life World Run.”

With mutual adversity, Mullen and Shaw have built a network of ambassadors with spinal cord injuries to join their mission. The ambassadors include former professional mountain biker Andrew Cho, Paralympic sit-skier Josh Dueck, Humboldt survivor Ryan Straschnitzki, race car driver Pauly Plewa, sledge hockey Paralympian Kevin Rempel, marathon runner Robert MacDonald, and former professional wakeboarder Ben Leclair.

With the same rules which applied to the last Wings for Life Run, the event allows anyone to join simply by activating the app, Wings for Life World Run. Runners can take part in the event, chased by a virtual Catcher Car, from anywhere across the globe.

The event organized runs will be hosted in Vancouver, Calgary, Dunnville, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, led by ambassadors in each city.

The run will start exactly at 4 AM in B.C., 7 AM in Ontario, and 8 AM in Halifax. The first 30 minutes are dedicated to free running prior to the activation of the virtual Catcher Car.

For students who are interested in supporting the event and raising awareness surrounding spinal cord injury, do not hesitate to download the app and prepare yourself for the global run.