Hall sets his sights on the big leagues after his latest win against Casey O’Leary.

Marlan Hall - Photo by Nelson Yeo
Marlan Hall - Photo by Nelson Yeo

Oliver MMA fighter Marlan “Pretty Boy” Hall defeated Casey O’Leary at the Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam March 16, thereby defending his Battlefield Fight League featherweight championship and extending his amateur win streak to five.

In the days leading up to the fight, O’Leary took to social media to taunt Hall. O’Leary’s efforts culminated in the now-infamous incident where O’Leary patted Hall on the head during the weigh in. But according to Hall, it takes more than that to get under his skin.

“The talk and the antics only last for so long,” says Hall. “When you step in that octagon, there’s no faking in there. Truth always gets revealed on fight day. And I’m always confident in my ability to defeat anyone who’s in there with me.”

Hall’s fans were quick to condemn O’Leary’s actions on social media, and many shared their ecstatic reactions to the moment when Hall TKO’d O’Leary via Kimura.

“My fans are amazing,” Hall says. “It’s such a motivator and a huge part of my success. I know I’m looked at as a role model not only in my household, but in my community. I gotta show everyone that it doesn’t matter that we live in a small town, you can still do something meaningful with your life. So when they believe in me, I believe in myself even more.”

Marlan Hall - Photo by Brandon Demelo
Marlan Hall - Photo by Brandon Demelo

Though his fight stats will show that three out of his last five fights were won through submission, Hall actually considers himself more of a striker.

“[M]ost of these submissions come from when they try to take me down. When they feel they’re getting out-struck, they typically shoot for a takedown and I do a great job at defending and capitalizing on their mistakes.”

While Hall has always believed he has what it takes to go pro, this latest win is just more proof that he’s good enough to enter UFC or Bellator.

“Thinking about going pro is giving me a lot of changes to think about,” says Hall. “I know it’s a big level up in competition, but I’m looking at the adjustments I’ll need to be making, and I just feel like it’s my time. Mentally and physically I believe I will be ready.”

After months of training and camps, Hall is now enjoying some much-deserved time off with his family and friends.

Hall currently lives in Penticton and works full time as a Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor for Pacific Top Team.