Creator of the #MeToo movement comes to speak at UBC.

Tarana Burke - Photo by Heather Sten (New York Times)
Tarana Burke - Photo by Heather Sten (New York Times)

On Wednesday, March 6, Tarana Burke will be giving a talk at UBCO. The talk will take place from 4-5pm in the new building, COM 201.

This event is taking place in partnership with UBC Connect and the UBCSUO. Burke will give a talk, and then participate in a moderated question and answer session. After the talk and questions, there will be an opportunity for students to meet Burke during the mingling period.

Burke is the founder of the #MeToo movement and a civil rights activist. In her talk at UBCO, according the UBCSUO, Burke will be discussing the metoo movement, and the way that empathy can heal and shape communities. Burke talks about sexual violence, and how it affects everyone. According to the SUO, Burke will discuss “why sexual violence is so rampant in our culture and presents concrete ways that everyday citizens can interrupt it.” Burke will also discuss empowerment and the role this plays in helping marginalized voices She also provides words of empowerment that lift up marginalized voices and lets survivors know that they are not alone.

The SUO states that its goal for this event is to “expand the diversity of the events that [are] offer[ed]” to students in order to enhance campus life. The goal of the event is that the conversations generated will produce positive change for the UBC community.