New study method ‘Study With Me’ growing in trend.

Images from 'TheStrive Studies' on Youtube.
Images from 'TheStrive Studies' on Youtube.

YouTube has been a growing platform of expression for everyone around the world, and the number of genres and trends is constantly increasing. Need a cooking or baking recipe? YouTube has video tutorials. Need a laugh but too lazy to watch all the seasons of a TV show on Netflix? Search up compilations of funny moments on YouTube. Needing some study music to stay focused? YouTube has tons of playlists for you. There are even diligent study buddies who could keep you on track with your study goals.

If you type “study with me” in the search bar, many videos ranging from 25 minutes to even ten hours pop up as results. While there are a couple of videos dating from two years ago, most of them are of posted quite recently. This trend of having students sitting in front of their computers and streaming as they study for exams emerged increasingly in this past year. The main purpose of having Study With Me sessions is to motivate other students to study as well.

This new community of YouTubers come from different parts of the world such as South Korea, America, Japan, Thailand and more. Whether these YouTubers livestream or pre-record their videos before posting them, many people are starting to rely on them to help with their own study sessions. Accounts such as ‘TheThrive Studies’ and ‘The Man Sitting Next to Me’ have videos with up to three million views. YouTubers are also starting to use methods to cater to more students, like having music in the background and using the Pomodoro technique, which breaks the work down into 25-minute intervals to help students stay focused and improve efficiency.

If you find yourself getting distracted while studying with friends, but also losing focus studying alone, this could be a method worth considering. Many comments expressed how well this has worked for them, with one user saying, “my favorite thing to do is study alongside people! It feels the most productive to me, but in real life, I usually just end up talking and laughing (not studying) with my group, so this is a really great alternative that I didn't know I needed until now.”

During this hectic midterm season, having more options for a better studying experience would be worth considering for many of us.