TEDxUBCO is back with a great lineup of speakers.

TEDxUBCO is back with their fourth annual event of 2019, with this year’s theme titled “In Focus.” The event will take place from 1:00PM to 4:30PM at the university theatre, ADM026 on Saturday, March 16 . There will be live speakers, activities and food. TEDxUBCO launched in 2015 as an independently-organized TED event hosted by UBCO students every year.

Ashley Stasuk, co-chair of TEDxUBCO, spoke on the purpose behind the theme:“Instead of having a million different ideas, we focus down on a couple ideas that are relevant and innovative that we want to share. From there, we can create conversation… [and] focus on things that are relevant to students and the population of Kelowna.”

There will be four speakers for this event, Alex Brown, Daniil Khodosko, Jonathan Burton-Barr and Peyton Young. Coming from different backgrounds and expertise, the speakers will present a range of topics, from technology to sciences and economics.

Alex & Daniil - Photos by David Bryres, Jonathan & Peyton - Photos Provided
Alex & Daniil - Photos by David Bryres, Jonathan & Peyton - Photos Provided

Focusing on mental health for his talk, one of the speakers, Peyton Young, said, “I truly could not be more grateful for being given the opportunity to speak at TEDxUBCO 2019. I believe the TED stage has been an exceptional resource for providing the public with general knowledge and by extension, improving the conversations surrounding mental health.”

Alexander Brown, whose topic will focus on saving the planet, expressed his excitement in taking part in the process of developing ideas that people will be interested in and added that, “UBCO is exactly the audience I want to reach out to with the message of my speech.”

Public speaking can be intimidating, but the speakers The Phoenix spoke to shared the same interest in promoting inclusivity amongst peers. Young added, “I ultimately decided that if I had any capability to help just one person, then that was more than I needed to gather the willingness to face my own mental illnesses [and] deliver a vulnerable, yet impactful talk,” explained Young when asked about his reasoning for applying to be speaker.

Though the team consists of only seven members, the event planning has been going smoothly and tickets are almost sold out. Students interested can get more information about the event on through the TEDxUBCO website. Tickets for the event can be bought through their Facebook page.