Hafith Moallin - Photo by Lauren St. Clair
Hafith Moallin - Photo by Lauren St. Clair

Hafith Moallin, a Mississauga born athlete, has been awarded the Canada West All-Rookie award. Moallin is in his first year, majoring in Arts.

Since Moallin was three, playing basketball has always been a his passion. Moallin said, “I came to UBCO because it is the best place for me. I also came here because of the record last year (2-18); I thought I can make an impact and lift the Heat back to a playoff contending team.”

Moallin is the starting point guard for the Heat this season.Even though the Heat did not make it into playoffs in the last weekend series (7-13), Moallin finished his first season with 12 points per game and 4.3 assists under a 30 minute performance.

As a freshman who played in the Canada West for the first time, Moallin completed the season with a total 69 assists in 16 games, standing as one of the top leaders in assists in the conference.

On the court, Moallin is not only the point guard who controls the play and passes to his teammates, he is also one of the top scorers in the team.

One of his best performances in the season was on January 19 against the MacEwan Griffins, where he finished the game under a high shooting field goal (7-13) with 19 points, dishing out his highest number of passes in the season with nine assists.

Mid season, Moallin’s wrist injury forced him out of the rotations for roughly a month. His absence hurt the team as they lost one of their top scorers. From November to beginning of January, Moallin was absent from the team for four games causing the Heat’s average score in a game to drop from 70.5 to 55.

Form the game stats, Moallin’s role as a point guard is evidentently integral to the Heat not only for purposes of scoring, but also because of he participates in controlling the pace of the game and looking out for open spots for teammates.

“The most important job for a point guard is to get your teammates going,” said Moallin. “Try to provide an open space for them to have an easy bucket.”

Moallin did not lift the Heat back to a playoff position as the team were a spot short from the standing, but his strong show-out this year leaves us optimistic for the next season.