While scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, it’s hard not to notice all the ads tailored to our individual wants, especially when they advertise sites that offer extreme discounts on our favourite things. For me, discount clothing sites pop up on my feed every time I log on. Places like Zaful.com, FashionNova.com, and Boohoo.com are so enticing because I’m always in search of a good deal. However, the prices on these sites are suspiciously cheap. There’s no way that all their clothing can be perpetually 60-80% off. The low prices that they offer beg the question: what’s the catch?

I searched reviews of Boohoo.com and was overwhelmed with poor customer experiences. People have received clothing with questionable sizing, with wavy stitching, and with no resemblance to the original picture on the website. $81.19 later, I discovered the truth behind the quality of their clothing.

Black Bodycon Midi Dress -- $12.80

Image from ca.boohoo.com
Image from ca.boohoo.com

I wasn’t expecting greatness in terms of quality or fit, so when I received this dress, I wasn’t surprised when it was low quality and ill-fitting. The first thing I noticed is that the material is so thin, you can see through it like a veil. If you bend over, all your secrets are revealed.

At first glance, I thought there was no way I was fitting into this dress. It looked like a size 2 rather than a size 6. But, eventually, it did fit! Not without difficulty though. Putting on this dress was possibly one of the hardest things I had to do in my whole life. And I took Calculus 101. I panicked after two full minutes of being strangled by this dress, but with some wiggling, I managed to squeeze it on.

The fit does not account for those of us with long torsos. There is a curve outward for the hips, but this curve hits me at my waist. So, what is supposed to be a tight bodycon dress is baggy around my waist.

Even though there are many downsides, there are a few things I do like about this dress. First off, the neckline is actually quite flattering. It curves ever so slightly, making the dress seem elegant. I also really like the ribbed design on the fabric. It makes this plain dress a little more interesting.

Lingerie – $16.50

Image from ca.boohoo.com
Image from ca.boohoo.com

This lingerie number was another disappointing purchase. The fabric is nothing kin to lace and the fit is far from perfect. It’s made of a stretchy synthetic material that is very uncomfortable on the skin. That is, if it even touches your skin. This little baby-doll set was so big, it wouldn’t stay in place. Because of this, I’m led to believe all of Boohoo’s bras are uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

Bathing Suits – $20.80

Images from ca.boohoo.com
Images from ca.boohoo.com

I absolutely despise shopping for bathing suits, so when I find a good deal online, I’m gung-ho. The bikinis from Boohoo were only $20.80, which, to me, is a really good deal. My hopes were not high for the quality or fit, but I was pleasantly surprised! These bathing suits were probably my best purchase from Boohoo. They feel like a normal bathing suit material and they fit almost perfectly. They both have a similar necklines to the bodycon dress, which makes these bandeaus quite flattering.

The only downside to these suits is that they don’t dry very quickly. It took almost two days to dry, which probably has something to do with the fabric.

Final Thoughts

The clothing from this site is so cheap, it’s almost impossible to say no. This being said, you probably don’t want to buy your whole wardrobe from here. The quality of the clothing is not great, and the fit is not consistent. There is definitely the chance of finding some gems (like my bathing suits), but I wouldn’t expect this from every purchase. Overall, you get what you pay for. You can’t expect a $12 dress to be the same quality as Balenciaga. So, I would call Boohoo clothing disposable clothing. The type that you wear once and have no guilt by throwing it away afterwards.