It’s that time of year once again, posters of candidates are up around campus and Facebook campaigns have begun for the 2019 SUO elections. Candidates will be campaigning throughout this week, culminating in debates on March 7 and 8. On March 7 debates for Faculty Rep, Director at Large, VP Internal, External and Finance will begin at 5PM in ASC 140. On March 8, debates for VP Campus Life and President will begin at 6pm in ASC 140.

Voting runs from March 11 to 13 on the SSC.

The candidates list is as follows:


Romil Jain

Jessica Moffatt

VP Internal:

Holly Denby

Duhan Yendi

Johan Yao

VP External:

Simran Sandhu

Taylor Dotto

VP Campus Life (renamed from VP Services):

Ali Poostizadeh

Ammar Riyadh

Mohamed Azzam

Ahmed Fayed

VP Finance and Operations:

Abid Wahab

Shaheer Khan

Daniel Elizondo

Nimrah Pannu

William Kobby Laast

Director at Large:

Kyle Lee

Luis Emilio Freire

Michael Gauld

Tashia Kootenayoo

Faculty Representative Candidates:

Applied Science Representative

Kaila Spencer

Management Representative

Kyle Kliss

CCS Representative

Sage Cannon

Arts Representative

Cody Isaac

Science Representative

Kebbie Brown

The Phoenix will be live streaming the debates through our Facebook page. Keep checking in for more updates on the elections throughout this week!