24-hour donation challenge.

March 6 will mark UBCO’s first “Giving Day.” Giving Day is a 24-hour event to raise money to support students on campus. Giving Day asks that donors, alumni, friends, and family donate money to a cause of their choice. The hashtag #DayoftheOK will be used to spread awareness about the event.

The causes that will be eligible for donations range from donating to B.A.R.K., to donating for Cross Country Running and Track and Field Equipment, to the Thrive Walk-in Wellness Clinic. 100% of the donation goes toward the cause the donor choses to support.

Part of the goal of the challenge, according to the Giving Day website, is to “showcase the spirit and generosity of the UBC Okanagan community.” The money raised will “enable [donors] to unlock more support for [other] students” by donating money which will benefit the UBCO community. This peer-to-peer fundraising event hopes to bring the community closer together to support students for Giving Day.

There will also be additional challenges throughout the day, according to the website, promising to allow donors to add additional support for students. These challenges have yet to be announced, but will be happening throughout the day on Giving Day.

If you are not able to donate, the Giving Day team encourages spreading the word. They encourage this either through email, social media, or in person.