Student tries to steal liquor from the Academy Hill Liquor Store.

On Friday, January 25 at roughly 5pm, a student attempted to steal liquor from Academy Hill Liquor Store. The employee who was working at the time stated that the student “decided to put a bottle down his pants before paying for the rest of his purchase.”

The student had left his name and contact information with the store, as he was a member of the store’s points program. Due to this, the store gave the student a choice of coming back to pay for the stolen item or getting the police involved. A photo of the student has been posted on the wall, and he has been banned from the store.

The liquor store usually does not see many rowdy customers, and this is the first shoplifter at the store.

During the 2017 school year, it was reported that there was one instance of personal robbery on UBCO property, one instance of breaking and entering, 48 occurrences of theft, and 10 occurrences of theft from a vehicle.

Crime in Kelowna is a relatively regular occurrence, and in 2012, Statistics Canada reported that Kelowna had the highest crime rate in census metropolitan areas. In 2012, Kelowna also reported a higher Crime Severity Index than the year before. In 2016, Kelowna was in the top seven census metropolitan areas with police-reported crimes. However, between 2015-2016, Kelowna saw a decrease in violent crimes due to a decrease in the amount of robberies being reported.