Reggie Watts
Reggie Watts

Here is the wonderful conclusion to the interview with Reggie Watts!

Now that you are more stationary doing the Late Late show, do you still go out on comedy tours often or is there a tour upcoming that you are planning?

Reggie: I do tours when I can. It just depends on my availability. It has been an adventure trying to make everything work and fit. It works though, and I still do shows mostly on the weekends. I have a gig this weekend and a gig next weekend.

Curtis: What are some other hobbies, besides comedy, weight training, and music that you enjoy and that bring meaning to your life other than comedy and music?

Reggie: I enjoy hanging out with friends, watching movies, taking walks, sometimes video games. It really depends on a few factors but pretty standard stuff I guess nothing too crazy!

Curtis: Regarding your career as a whole what has been one of your most favourite highlights or made you the most excited that you got to be a part of.

Reggie: Well I got to be a part of Conan O Brians tour when he got let go from the tonight show. That was really really fun definitely one of the highlights for sure!

Curtis: What's some advice that you would have for aspiring comedians on their journey?

Reggie: Just follow the sun, always just have a good time doing what you're doing.

Curtis: Yeah that makes sense if you stay true to what you are doing Than it comes across more genuine.

Reggie: Yeah and people get so concerned about their careers. It's not something you should really do. Just have fun and keep hanging out with people that you love hanging out with. Laugh your ass off and have a good time. Be there for each other, and that's kind of it.

Curtis: Yeah that's great advice! You don't want to get caught up in the logistics of it as it can take the fun out of it!

Reggie: Yeah and that's the residual it will take care of itself anyway!

Curtis: I appreciate you taking the time today Reggie! Thank you for talking with me, and I hope your performance at the Vancouver festival is fantastic.

Reggie: Yeah I would love that!

Curtis: Have a great day and enjoy your time and hopefully I can catch one of your shows one time!

Reggie: Yeah man it was great talking to you!

It was a wonderful experience speaking with Reggie and if you have not ever seen any of his work, it is strongly recommended to search him up on youtube and laugh for hours! Thank you again to Reggie Watts for taking the time to speak with me!