Reggie Watts
Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts, a world renowned musician and comedian will be performing in this year's JFL NorthWest! His performances are amazing and unique and really bring a wonderful vibrance to the world of comedy. Reggie took the time to speak with me and he is such a friendly and humble man it was a great experience. You can catch him on the Late Late show with James Cordon, many wonderful comedy specials to purchase or stream online, as well as this weekend in Vancouver! Here is part one of the interview!

How is your day going and what are you up to today?

Reggie: Just some training today. Doing some weight training.

Curtis: That's awesome! Regarding the Just for Laughs festival is this your first time performing in a Just for Laughs type festival?

Reggie: No I have done a bunch of Just for Laughs stuff. Montreal, Halifax, and some places I am probably not remembering, and Australia yeah I've done a lot!

Curtis: Out of all the places that you have toured and been to what are some of your favourites?

Reggie: Well I love Australia, I had a great time touring there recently. I like the UK there isn't a lot of places that I don't. The only thing I will say is the only thing that isn't as fun is colleges. They pay well but everyone is usually kind of distracted for whatever reason, which is fine, but it's a harder gig to work.

Curtis: That makes sense! If they are not paying attention, it would be kind of weird to give your all on.a seemingly dead audience.

Reggie: Yeah and it just makes it harder, like oh ok how do I attract your attention.

Curtis: Regarding Vancouver have you performed there before?

Reggie: Yeah I have! I have played music and done comedy there probably over ten times!

Curtis: When you are performing music have you played with a band or was it a solo act?

Reggie: Sometimes it has been with bands but mostly solo!

Curtis: I really enjoy how you incorporate music and comedy together. I think its a really cool style and I find it really enjoyable. What are some of your comedic influences and musical influences that gave you the push to create the style that you did?

Reggie: Well I was a big lover of Monty Python, and pretty much anything British growing up. I was an anglophile for sure. I also loved the carol Bernette show, andy Griffith, the Jeffersons, just tv from that era in general. I have been a fan of anything that was funny or absurd. Even like Sesame Street or the muppet show I was very affected by the esthetic of those shows!

Curtis: Yeah I agree it was definitely a cool era of entertainment and with those types of shows like the muppets being accompanied with music and everything I can definitely see that. I was also a huge fan of those shows growing up.