With the infamous awards show just around the corner, the Oscars organizers have found themselves scratching their heads in regards to who should host the glamorous evening.

Kevin Hart was held accountable for some controversial tweets and statements made in the past, resulting in a situation where he was shunned from hosting the Oscars in a dignified manner.

But should we even be concerned about things like this? Should there even be an Oscar ceremony?

Yes, of course there are appealing aspects to watching attractive people dress in the

most lavish clothing and receive awards for their work on the big screens. But when we look at how much the Oscars cost and how much it takes to produce them, do we believe we should scrap the show all together?

An article written in Vox stated that the last Oscars ceremony that took place without a host was a complete disaster. In the article, Alissa Wilkinson wrote that history could simply repeat itself, and it might just include a disaster similar to when Rob Lowe performed a duet with Snow White back in 1989, which got very mixed reviews.

I personally believe the Oscars are always fun to watch. Even though I don’t see the purpose in streaming them internationally, I believe that it is important to give credit where credit is due.

With no host announced, the question remains: should the Oscars take place without a host, or more radically, should there be an Oscars ceremony at all?