Photo by Lauren St. Clair
Photo by Lauren St. Clair

Every September and January, students get that lovely notification in our inboxes that our tuition payment is due. Of course we pay for our classes that we have chosen to enrol in, athletic fees, bus passes and a fair share of other “fees.”

One of the benefits that I believe should be included in the tuition payment is a yearly gym pass. In doing so, the University of British Columbia will provide the incentive for students to go to the gym in between classes and seek out a more active lifestyle knowing they have paid for the membership.

As most of us know, being active is a great way to reduce stress, and clear the jumbled mind during the busy exam season. An article written by Heidi Godman, an executive health editor at the Harvard Health Letter, did a study to show that regular exercise allows the brain to improve its memory capacity and thinking skills.

The more students we have attending the gym, the better. Not only are the perks building muscle mass and toning up for summer, it also has very positive mental health affects which can contribute to a healthier and happier student body. Which to me seems like enough of a positive argument to allow all the students to have a gym pass included in their tuition.

Since we are already paying so much for schooling, I believe that it is justified that this benefit is included in everyone’s tuition payment, but not with an extra cost, either.

The gym at UBCO isn’t limited to just treadmills and weights but they also offers a lot of classes which they post about almost daily on their Instagram page. You can attend yoga, zumba and various other classes right on campus.

We would love to hear your opinion on this matter, do you believe that we should be entitled to gym services as part of our tuition payment, or should the gym be a luxury that only people who are willing to pay extra should be able to enjoy?