Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence & Graphic Language

Students were outraged on Tuesday by a comment posted to UBCO Confessions by an adult Aramark employee that they characterized as “misogynistic.”

UBCO Confessions is a popular social media page where UBCO students can anonymously submit confessions. Confessions are then posted by admins, where other students can read and comment on them. The comment that provoked student outrage was posted in response to an anonymous post about an awkward oral sex experience.

“Don’t say anything just shoot it in her mouth let her swallow like a good girl, same as when your inside her just blow load don’t tell her nothing lol,” wrote the employee, who works for Aramark at the Sunshine and Green Thread Cafeterias. The comment has since been deleted, although the Phoenix is unaware by whom at this time.

“That’s the most fucked up, misogynistic, arrogant, disrespectful, and irresponsible thing I think I’ve ever read. Sad thing, looks like your [sic] an adult, to [sic] bad you never grew up.” reads Kyra Dehker’s reply to the comment. Dehker, a student at UBCO, stated, “Actions have consequences, and I know a few students have been shaken” when reached for comment.

A second comment, by Jaki Christie, reads, “omg how did a grown man comment this.” Christie, when reached for comment, stated, “Not only was it not constructive or nice, it was appalling… who benefits from reading comments like that? It’s just gross and doesn’t make sense.”

According to Policy 131, UBCO’s Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct policy, “‘consent’ is the voluntary agreement to the act or acts in question and to continue to engage in the act or acts. Voluntary agreement to engage in the activity or to continue to engage in the activity must be communicated through words or conduct.”

“Consent cannot be implied, and it can be revoked at any time during the act or acts in question. Consenting to one kind of sexual activity does not mean that consent is given for another sexual activity, and consent only applies to each specific instance of sexual activity. No consent is obtained where an individual is incapable of consenting. An individual may be incapable of consenting if they are intoxicated, or if they are induced to engage in the activity by fraud, by someone exercising a position of trust, power or authority, or through coercion or the threat of violence.”

Aramark has a collective agreement with UBCO but its terms do not shed light on employee conduct in an online student space. The Phoenix asked Aramark for a copy of their employee conduct policy but the company did not respond by the time of publication. The Phoenix also reached the employee for comment on Facebook but he did not respond. The Phoenix has withheld his name at this time.