Applications are due beginning in April for TA positions for the Fall.

Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.

Every year on April 30, applications are due for students applying to be a Teaching Assistant. According to UBC’s website, in order to be eligible to apply for the job, undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 24 credits. Students must also be legally able to work in Canada until April of the year following when the application is submitted.

While specific salaries vary from department to department, most Teaching Assistants are given a salary in roughly the same range. To give a rough estimate for salary, the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics will be used. In this faculty, undergraduates are offered a salary of $15.83 an hour, to a maximum of $6,076. Master’s students are given a salary of $31.00 an hour, to a maximum of $11,903. PhD students are given a salary of $32.18 an hour, to a maximum of $12,356. While specific faculties vary on the number of hours students are expected to and allowed to work, TA positions generally do not allow or require more than 12 hours of work a week. This allows for a maximum of 384 hours for two semesters of work.

TA’s are expected to do a variety of work, most of which consists of marking. According to UBCO’s website, Teaching Assistants will generally be involved in “marking midterms, assignments, tests, quizzes and exams, leading discussion periods and tutorials, invigilating tests and examinations, providing academic assistance to students during office hours.”

There is no listed GPA that students are required to possess in order to be eligible to become a Teaching Assistant. However, UBC states that they hire “on the basis of merit and [are] committed to employment equity.” UBC does give priority to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.