Kelowna has been blanketed by heavy clouds for most of this winter season. Everything seems to be colour-filtered grey, putting most of us in a low mood. But what better way to enliven the Okanagan than through fashion? This week, we went around campus again to see how UBCO has been lifting the mood with exciting and dynamic outfits.

Many students around campus have been choosing vibrant or warm colours to contrast our chilly backdrop. One colour that’s been popular this season is red. It’s a bold and exciting colour that allows people to show their creativity. Also, this pop of colour seems to distract everyone from the gloominess that encompasses our city.

Alongside the shades of red, we have been seeing a lot of warm brown tones in jackets and sweaters this season. Because of the natural cool tones of our environment, brown clothing appears rich and full of life. Here are some of the fashionable outfits we’ve spotted around campus that enliven this dreary January with colour: