Artists Liz Ranney and Nicole Young Create an Exhibit Inspired by Leila Neverland.

Beginning on January 12th the Lake Country Art Gallery will be showcasing a brand new exhibit! The exhibit will be called “What’s Still Here, What Came Before Us” and will feature art from Liz Ranney and Nicole Young. Their exhibition acquires its inspiration from and illustrates its visual interpretation of the work of poet and musician Leila Neverland.

This exhibit explores many themes, so there will be plenty of inspiring content for the many artistic interests that are out there! Focusing on issues such as femininity, the environment, as well as the act of collaboration, the exhibit looks into Ranney and Young’s process. For example, the built up layers of paint create a meaningful reflection of Leila Neverland’s lyrics.

Separately both artists are active in illustrating themes of femininity and environmental awareness. The inspiration to create works in the context of Neverland’s songs and poems came from a shared interest in the process and meaningful exchange of collaboration. Wonderfully profound questions arose within this decision to create together, such as: Would it be hard to relinquish control over these paintings? Would each artist’s experience of these lyrics be similar or disparate?

The exhibit also asks the spectator to consider how painting and music come together as beautiful tools that aid in storytelling. How these mediums aid in both narrative and in the process of art itself.

If this is something that you would be interested in attending the opening reception is Saturday, January 12 from 2-4pm. The exhibit itself will run from January 12 until February 24th! This exhibit will be a thought-provoking take on themes that should be important to all of us. The Lake Country Art Gallery is located at 10356A Bottom Wood Lake Rd. There are a few ways to get in touch with the gallery such as:

(250) 766-1299

Hours of Operation:

Tues-Sun 10am-4pm.