Erase Me Album Art
Erase Me Album Art

Underoath has recently embarked on the official Erase Me tour in support of their album with the same title with several other artists including The Plot Twist In You, Crown The Empire, and Dance Gavin Dance . November 19 was the first time in years that they have come to Vancouver, and even longer since they have been to Kelowna. 2005 marks the one and only time they have come here. Needless to say, it was a pleasure not to have to travel to Seattle or further to see them perform a phenomenal setlist. Before focusing on Underoath and the fantastic show they put on there needs to be love for the opening acts of the show.

The Plot In You just put out a phenomenal album titled DISPOSE. Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the show in time to catch their performance, but if their record is any indication it would have been a killer performance. Pick up DISPOSE anywhere you get your musical needs, you won't regret it. They toned down their aggressive vocals in favor of raw, honest, and gut-wrenching emotive vocal deliveries and melodies. I have had them on repeat ever since it is indeed a bummer that they were missed.

Crown the Empire was the next band to grace the stage. While not being a massive fan of them, they delivered a high performance. They boasted lots of energy and had the crowd moshing and dancing along to their songs. The musicianship was excellent, and the vocals were on pitch and delivered with a lot of energy. They were entertaining, and they played some great songs.

Dance Gavin Dance is a phenomenal progressive metalcore act. They are hard to describe, but their music seems to be a cross between jazz, funk, and modern metal. Boasting many funky clean riffs and soaring clean vocals juxtaposed with harsh vocals and crushing distorted riffs, their songs will have parts that appeal to almost everyone. They played exceptionally well together, everything seemed almost perfect. The vocals were insane, and the musicianship was top notch. I was a casual fan before, and now all of their albums are downloaded on my phone. They were definitely a fresh offering in the metal scene currently.

Being a long time fan of Underoath and with this being my second opportunity to see them, it was exhilarating. This was the first headlining chance to see them, and they did not disappoint. They played almost any song you could have hoped for from their back catalog as well as songs from their new record. They even chose to play some deep cuts only played live once before such as “Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear” and a cover tune of “Heart Shaped Box” by Nirvana. It was amazing to see the connection and energy the band still has after surviving a breakup and reformation.

Spencer Chamberlin was amazingly open with the crowd; he talked about his drug addictions, walking away, asking Aron Gillespie for help, and writing a new record together while processing the experience of coming back from addiction. He also opened up about his struggle with depression and mental illness. It was refreshing to see a band of that stature support and connect with their fans on such a personal level. Hands down one of the top performances of the year that I have seen! If you haven’t heard their new album Erase Me yet do yourself a favor and check it out.