Photo by Lauren St. Clair.
Photo by Lauren St. Clair.

With Christmas just around the corner, we asked UBCO students about what they wanted to receive as Christmas gifts this year. UBCO’s student wishlist ranged from electronics to academic success. No surprises there!

The fact that we’re struggling university students made Andrea Tan's student’s wish come as no surprise. “I’d like a high GPA….so profs, be nice to [me], pretty please?” she pleaded.

Some students who live on the other side of the world simply want to be with their families during the holidays. One student, Sukittima, asked, “Can I have a flight ticket back to Thailand? Flight tickets are so damn expensive.”

When it comes to a Christmas present, technology was a popular choice on the list. Many students mentioned that they wanted gifts such as a new iPad, Bluetooth speakers and many more. While some students hoped to receive electronics, others like Serena Ebuchi opted for more practical Christmas presents. “A water bottle,” she laughed as she explained, “it’s because I keep losing mine.”

Students who are more musically-inclined tended to lean towards gifts that catered to or boosted their musical talents. “I’m wanting to get new pickups for one of my guitars for Christmas,” expressed Curtis Woodcock, a student and the Arts Editor for The Phoenix News.

Georges Nasrallah, guitarist of the local band Post-Modern Connection told reporters he wants a new guitar.

Some students were more indecisive when they were asked about what they would like for Christmas. Jack Wolfe said that he wanted some “filthy lucre” instead.

The list can go on forever, but all in all, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to presents.