Those who follow UBCO Confessions will be familiar with the recent barrage of posts complaining about loud students in study areas. Some complain about groups hanging out and talking or giggling too loud, while others criticize their inability to stay quiet even when asked by others. But the common thread is this: students at UBCO seem to have a problem with quiet studying.

Every student knows the current difficulty of finding a study space on campus. In a previous article written on the upcoming Commons building, it was mentioned that some students have searched for a space for 40 minutes before giving up. Others just study in class to ensure they get what they need to do done. The Commons building is projected to bring approximately 600 informal study spaces; but until its open, that’s 600 less spaces for the ever-growing student population.

So it’s not a surprise that studying seems to be an issue, especially quiet studying. For those with exams, finding a spot is crucial to feeling ready for your final. If you don’t study well at home, campus can often be the only place to really buckle down and focus. But with a small amount of spaces, those without finals, or those who may need a break, are using places like the library for their time with friends.

Ultimately, UBCO needs to improve its study spaces, so once the Commons opens (supposedly January 2nd, 2019), this problem will be alleviated. Until then, students need to both chill out, and be more respectful. Rather than complaining on UBCO Confessions about the loud studiers beside you, and getting more resentful by the second, explain the situation. There’s a pretty big chance they aren’t aware of your huge final the next day, or even how loud they’re being. Asking politely is always a good idea.

And if you notice someone studying hard near you, pipe down. Students in public spaces, especially study spaces, have the responsibility of being aware of their surroundings. It’s not difficult to assume that most people are studying, and don’t want to hear your gossip, since December is always exam month.

And if you are asked to be quiet, listen or move. One confession on UBCO Confessions shares the story of a loud group “verbally abusing” another student who asked them to be more quiet. That behavior just demonstrates blatant disrespect for others.

The bottom line is that there is no space on campus, save your own personal dorm room, where it’s acceptable to be disrespectful. All 9000 of us have to share the campus, and all 9000 of us deserve the basic right to study and chill in a space without being bothered by others.