Trying to hold on to followers is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands: just when you think you’ve conquered the algorithm, the followers slip through your fingers.

But don’t despair! We reached out to several Instagram savvy moguls for the inside scoop on becoming Insta famous.

@omarjguitar is a musician from Florida who was recently endorsed by a significant guitar pickup company in the metal community, EMG. He explained to The Phoenix that the process is essentially like advertising – by proving that you love the company, and support their products by purchasing them, you can earn an endorsement which in turn can earn you a jump in followers. He suggests reaching out to the company and asking if they have any artist prices or if they want to endorse you. If they like your content and see promise in your page, you will be welcomed into the company family.

He also suggests posting regularly and updating your stories with interactive features. The way that Instagram’s algorithm is designed favorspages that are highly active. Being active on larger, similar pages to your own is also helpful. Since these pages post similar content, their audience should end up following your page as well.

@shanelleconnel is a Kelowna local and Miss Universe Canada 2017 finalist. She promotes self-love, faith and confidence, while giving her 25.1k followers heartfelt dating and life advice on the regular.

To keep her fans engaged and her followers growing, Shanelle says she needs to stay on her toes. “It’s such a hit and miss,” she admits, “Everytime you crack one thing the algorithm changes, so I’m constantly changing tactics.”

A strategy that Shanelle has found successful on her own page is collaborating on content with other users. This is a great way to combine forces for a photo shoot, contest or live-feed video.

@carlymalis a Kelowna style-blogger who shares outfits, candid photo shoots, pics of her Pom Lacie Boo and trendy product promotion daily with her 17.5k followers.

She says that quality content is a must. “If a great photo shows up on someone’s feedthey’re more likely to double tap. If they aren’t already a followerthe logical step is for that person to check out who posted this great photo.”

Engagement is also a component to Carly’s success. “I always try to respond back to comments on my photos and take some time each day to like and comment on othersphotos, especially those that I don’t already follow.” Staying consistent with content comes hand in hand with this strategy once again. “Engagement is based on momentum so stay consistent” she says, “try to post meaningful content on a regular basis.”

@theoddlifeofmikshares her love for yoga, food, dogs and coffee – basically she’s the most relatable girl ever and we all wanna be her friend.

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Lately, I’ve been feeling ashamed because I’ve put on a little weight. But how silly is it that I’ve let my self-worth become tied to a number on the scale? For the past 6 years that’s how I’ve lived my life. Obsessed with numbers and feeling unworthy when I couldn’t obtain the impossible goals I had set for myself. . Gaining weight isn’t always bad. And in all honesty, I’ve been completely enjoying life the past few weeks. I’m not obsessed with food + fitness. I’m enjoying treats + downtime. I’m learning balance and what it means to be truly healthy. And I’m learning how to get in touch with my mind and my body, which is something I’ve never had before. . I’m learning to let myself be defined by things other than my body weight. I’m discovering things + hobbies that make me happy. And now that I’m not constantly thinking about food + burning calories, I have time to do those things that bring me so much joy. . And even though I’m still fighting those feelings of inadequacy, I’m healing. I’m learning to love myself for me. Which in my opinion, is the most important thing we can learn.

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Mikala says that her goal is to keep her page looking aesthetically consistent. Her photos all match in tone and her content fits together visually, even though her posts aren’t all directly related.

@thepositivitypagesis run by @posilaurenand shares self-care, motivational and positive art and designs with their 17k followers.

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OMG can you give yourself credit! You're only here battling your own brain every day to get through, hard times, struggles and barriers! Celebrate all the little wins which get you close to where you want to be. Even it feels like its something you're supposed to be able to do, if you find it hard and you tried to do it then thats amazing! You are doing so good just getting through each day its literally so strong. Think about it, how many things did you do this week that weren't easy, didn't come without anxiety and you still did it anyway! You're going to win, you can face the challenges your mental illness throws at you. You can face tommorrow, you can do anything YOU want to do because YOU are so brave and your mental struggles do not define you. Celebrate yourself!

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Their advice: make art, not just “content.” If you love what you post, other people will connect with it the same as you do.

@britishdreamgurl has very simple advice: just be yourself. She believes in content with a meaningful purpose that you enjoy and believe in. “You’re more likely to get followers if you’re influential or educational... do the things you love.”

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I have never considered myself naturally beautiful. I have always looked at the women with beautiful long lashes and plump lips, perfect white teeth and long flowing hair. I compared myself to these women and thought that because I didn’t look like them, I myself wasn’t pretty. I’ve worn makeup since I was 12 years old, I’ve tried teeth whiteners, I’ve dyed my brows, I’ve grown my hair down to my butt and bleached it blonde just so I can look exactly like these women; but still, I never thought I was beautiful. This ruined my mental health so much because I would constantly degrade myself for not being the ‘ideal’ image of beauty. I even went through stages of looking into surgery. I wanted fillers, I wanted a nose job, I wanted liposuction; I wanted everything possible to make me everything but myself. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we degrade our worth just because we don’t look like someone else? We may not be perfect to some people or someone’s cup of tea, but we should be perfect to ourselves. We should always look in the mirror and find beauty in the reflection. It’s okay to do things to change who we are, whether it be makeup or surgery or fillers, but we shouldn’t do it just because we think others would like us more. We should do things for US. I look at myself now and think ‘what if I’m not perfect? What if I’m not beautiful to some people?’ Who cares?? As long as I love who I am and what I see makes me happy, I shouldn’t obsess over the opinions of others. Find happiness in yourself and learn to see your beauty. You can’t please everyone in the world, so why not start with you 💕 #weight #weightloss #weightgain #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #body #bodydysmorphia #bodypositive #bodytransformation #waist #waisttrainer #waisttraining #stretchmarks #cellulite #curve #curves #shape #eatingdisorderrecovery #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #health #depression #anxiety #hair #shave #haircut #girlswithshavedheads

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Whether you use a couple of these experts’ tips or go all out and do every, single, thing... just promise you won’t forget us when you’re famous.

Good luck <3