Hillary Omoe
Hillary Omoe

In October, the New Vintage Theatre was running two plays titled Blackbird and Mockingbird Close. Hillary Omoe, Management student and actress, was gracious enough to come and chat with The Phoenix about her experience with acting, and her excitement to have a chance to show off her amazing skills in a very unconventional role in Blackbird.

Curtis Woodcock: So I just thought of a few questions that I thought our readers might be curious about. Let’s start with a little bit about yourself considering you are a student here.

Hillary Omoe: I am doing the Management program and I want to go into marketing, and I am doing a minor in psychology and am currently in my third year.

Curtis: I am also doing a minor in psychology! It is a nice feeling getting closer to the end for sure.

Hillary: Technically I am in my third year, but I have been there longer.

Curtis: Oh, yeah. Me too. I totally get how that goes! How long has acting been an interest of yours, and how long have you actively been doing it for?

Hillary: I started doing it in Grade 9 or 10 in high school. After I graduated, I wanted to get more into it in the community, so I auditioned and have been doing it ever since. It has been about ten years now! I love it!

Curtis: It definitely comes across in your performances. I have seen two plays that you have been in and both times you have done a really great job. I was surprised by how intense this last one, Blackbird, was. It was super - I don’t know if believable is the right word- but you wouldn’t think that you are just playing a character; it seemed so real.

Hillary: Well thank you! I try to make it that way so its nice that it comes across that way at least!

Curtis: For sure! I obviously saw Blackbird and there was one last year that I went and saw, it was kind of a creepy one.

Hillary: Oh I know which one was it called Hauntings? Those are two of my favourite shows that I have ever done! That’s Awesome!

Curtis: How long have you been working with New Vintage Theatre?

Hillary: Maybe the past 4 years. I audition for them every year and you get what you get, but I have known most of the people in the group for about 4 years now.

Curtis: Do you audition for specific plays?

Hillary: They usually just have general auditions once a year. They have them in April, I think. So I would audition for the whole season. I think most theatre companies in town do that. So you don’t have to constantly hold auditions.

Curtis: So once you are accepted do you choose which plays you do or do they pick for you?

Hillary: You kind of just let them know what you are interested in. They sometimes offer you plays that you maybe didn’t think you were interested in, but it could be a good challenge.

Curtis: Before you started acting in high school, did you know that you wanted to?

Hillary: No, I had no idea. I was super shy in high school. I still am super shy. So, I guess I never really thought about it until I did it in high school. It was such an amazing way to express yourself. Especially being super shy, it was nice to go up on stage and express the parts of myself that I don’t get to express often.

Curtis: I totally get that! I have done that in my life as well with music. I am also super shy and not always the most comfortable with anything. So, getting up on stage and just letting it all out and enjoying it is quite cathartic.

Hillary: Yeah it’s cathartic, for sure!

This interview will be continued in next week’s article, so make sure to keep an eye out on The Phoenix to find out why Hillary was so drawn to Blackbird.