Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.

With the end of finals season, we can finally relax as we countdown the days to Christmas. Despite the sky getting dark in the middle of the day, the city is bright with the Christmas spirit with lights displayed everywhere. However, there are some Christmas light displays that shine brighter than many.

The Rupp’s Candy Cane Lane in Lake Country is a must when it comes to looking at Christmas lights. Guided by a path of candy canes, the entire garden is decorated with many colourful lights and adorable blow-ups.

Location: 10350 Chase Road

Just down the road from the Candy Cane Lane, a gorgeous showcase of lights in the garden includes an arch tipped with a snowflake.

Location: 10175 Chase Road

It looks like Santa paid a visit to this home to deliver Christmas presents. The roof has blow-ups and lights showcasing Santa in his sleigh and with his reindeers.

Location: 1310 Aldon Road

The MacFarlane family is counting down to Christmas with a display of extravagant lights that surrounded the entire compound.

Location: 760 Kitch Road

While driving up Toovey Road, the Christmas lights displayed by the homes here cannot be missed. One even wishes every passerby a hearty “Merry Christmas!”

Location: Toovey Road

From the rooftop to the front porch, this lovely home’s Christmas lights display ranges from blow-up cars to angels, reminding us of what Christmas is really all about.

Location: Eastbourne Road