Well Wednesday’s First Wine & Paint Night!

Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.

On November 7, the UBCSUO and The Well hosted their very first Wine & Paint Night where students were grabbed their paintbrushes and sipped on wine as they painted their stress away.

Taylor Dotto, VP Services of UBCSUO, was the driving force behind this event, and the overall rejuvenation of The Well this year.

Well Wednesdays have recently included a huge variety of events, but having Wine & Paint Night has further diversified the events in the pub. Dotto explained that she and the SUO “wanted to have less big party-like raves in the middle of the week and more events that are more inclusive to other students too.”

While the event did not pack The Well like a can of sardines, it was a first step towards the Well’s new efforts of including variant groups of student. Michael Ouellet, The Well Pub Manager stated, “We really wanted everyone to know that our focus is on student life and campus life. It's not just about the big parties in The Well.” Ouellet added that the pub is “still going to have some awesome dance parties, and have some cheap shots... [however] nights that build The Well are stuff like this, where people have fun.”

The Well has been hosting regular events such as Karaoke Nights every third Wednesday of the month as well as Trivia Night every second Thursday of the month. Consistency seemed to be the key factor of improvement in this year’s Well Wednesdays. Dotto said, “This year definitely has a greater attendance…I think that people are enjoying [the events], which is really good.”

Ouellet also shared similar sentiments: “Knowing that we have [consistency in events], people can always expect something.”