Photo by Andrew Memije
Photo by Andrew Memije

On October 22, the Quantitative Science Course Union, also known as QSCU, hosted their stargazing event at the Okanagan Observatory.

The QSCU represents students majoring or minoring in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, and Data Science. Events Coordinator, Lauren St. Clair explained, “The QSCU hosts workshops to introduce students to topics in those areas that they may not cover in their everyday classes, midterm review sessions, and student-professor mixers.”

More information about the union can be found on their Facebook page or their website. (link:

“Since the QSCU hosts a CHIME observatory tour in the second semester, we thought it would be nice to include a stargazing event in the first semester before the weather got too cold,” said St. Clair.

The stargazing event was held in collaboration with the Okanagan Observatory and the Canadian Royal Astronomical Society members of Kelowna. The event started with a presentation hosted by the Okanagan Observatory. A series of telescopes was set up for viewing nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, and other sights that were also visible that evening.

As stargazing is very weather dependent, the event itself was postponed due to cloud coverage from its original date on October 10. Since the moon was close to a full moon on the night of the event, it was challenging to view the Orionids Meteor Shower.

“However, the Okanagan Observatory made it possible with multiple telescopes to view other sights such as Andromeda and a closer view of the Moon,” St. Clair said in regards to what was available to see during the event night. Warming themselves with free hot chocolate, the sight of the bright moon and the glistening stars, the event was a success for its organizers and attendees.