Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.

On November 17, the Multicultural Art Gala, a free event hosted to bring the community together, was held in the UNC Ballroom.

“The reason we decided to make this event free and open to all was because I had noticed that whenever cultural programs were held on campus… these events were not diverse. we decided to make this event free and open to all so that people don’t have to pay to experience the multiculturalism on campus” explained Zoe-Rae Dixon, one of the event’s co-hosts.

Guests started pouring in as soon as the event began. They were dressed in semi-formal and cultural outfits. While waiting for food to be served, guests got the chance to admire paintings that were showcased in the ballroom. The paintings were submitted by UBCO students. Guests also had the opportunity of getting henna and their own caricature paintings done.

Attendees also enjoyed a variety of performances while they indulged in their food. The evening program began with the UBCO Beats followed by the performances of the Indian Culture and Dance Club, Simran Sandha, Kinfolk Nation, UBCO Bhangra Club, and the African Caribbean Student Club.

According to Mirabel Erihim, one of the hosts of the gala, this event created an avenue for people to experience the cultural diversity across campus. With students coming to UBCO from all around the world every year, the Multicultural Art Gala will only get more diverse in the years to come.