A night of food, dance, henna and one hella good time.

Photo by Andrew Memije
Photo by Andrew Memije

“We are a club that started a year ago and have grown exponentially ever since, signing on 150 members just this term,” said Aaryaman Shah, exec-member of The Indian Culture and Dance Club.

The Phoenix News had the pleasure of attending their biggest event all year, Diwali Night, on November 10. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, celebrated in annually in autumn to mark the victory of light over darkness, hope over despair. To celebrate, people light up their homes, renovate and decorate for the holiday - which is as important to Indians as Christmas is to Christians.

The night began with appetizers and student performances from Simran Sandhu and the Indian Culture and Dance Club.

This was followed by trivia questions about India – those who answered correctly were first in line for the fantastic spread of Indian dishes, which included Daal, Naan, meat dishes such as vindaloo and for dessert, Gulab Jamun.

Henna was done all evening, and a Photo Booth was set up for partygoers.

This event was fantastic because it allows many students far from home to really immerse themselves in their traditions and culture in an atmosphere of music, dancing and beautiful traditional attire. The food was exquisite and the experience was authentic– right down to the beautiful décor.

Diwali Night was a true testament to what a new club can accomplish, after only a year in existence!