Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan.

On November 24, Desi Dhamaka was held in the UNC Ballroom. In the past years, this event was known as Eid Diwali to students but it has gone through a name change this year.

Hafsah Khan, president of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) said ,“while it was a huge risk to change the name, we still wanted people to know that it’s the same event. Not everybody celebrates just Eid and Diwali … and we didn’t want to limit it to just those two main festivals.”

The change of the event’s title did not change its purpose. Khan said that the, “idea for the event was to bring all South Asian cultures together and celebrate their culture… It's like an inclusivity of all South Asian cultures and we want to let those who are not part of our culture experience it.”

The event allowed guests to fully experience the South Asian culture in different aspects. Guests got to enjoy music by DJ Aftershock while they indulged in various South Asian dishes. Many guests were also dressed in cultural clothing. Additionally, there was a photo booth for guests to take photos and save their memories of the night.

After an introduction of the committee and a speech from TD, the event’s sponsor, the performances began. Music and dance performances were carried throughout the night by the African Caribbean Student Club, ASA (Asian Student Association) Dance Team, Bhangra Club and many more.

As the event came to a close, everyone was invited to the dance floor and had a blast just grooving and dancing to the music. If students missed this cultural event, SASA will also be hosting another event next semester.

“We have two big events for the entire year, one for each semester. The next semester, we focus more on just music,” Khan said, explaining that while this event introduced their culture, the next event will showcase their sound and musical capabilities.