Have you noticed all the instagram UBCO party accounts?

In the last two weeks, my Instagram page has been inundated with follows requests from pages such as “ubcopartylife”, “ubco.party’ and “ubco_cp”. The pages boast rocking parties and the rise, once again, of the UBCO party culture.

The rise of UBCO’s party culture has apparently come up because of the increased communication between universities across Canada. UBCO, in comparison to other universities, has a party culture not up to par, and some students have chosen to rectify that. As one student says, “I’ve been here for a couple years and the party life has been declining ever since my first year”. This decision comes with the responsibility of advertising and planning parties, such as the recent block party that ended with an arrest, an upcoming bush party, and others. It would also seemingly come with the responsibility of encouraging party culture on the off times; its just as important to keep students engaged between parties as it is to plan them, hence the new Instagram pages.

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House rules 🏡

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Is this new rise in party life a good thing though? Even in recent years, UBCO has had some questionable situations with partying. Horror stories of people peeing on windows, throwing furniture, sexual assault, and even getting stabbed have cast a dark cloud on the enthusiasm of the partiers. For those who don’t want to participate in this new party life, their study time can be wrecked. As well, for students on residence, their home life is at stake. You may want to drink in Cascades with all your friends, but the individual trying to study for a midterm is not into it.

Is there a solution? For those who want their university time to be filled with fun at parties, this rise in the advertising the party life is important. For those who are more focused on midterms, their peace and quiet is important. Is there a way for the groups to coexist without someone feeling trampled on? As the owner of ‘ubcopartylife’ stated upon my DMing them, you definitely “have to do it within reason”. They added that they are aware of the stabbings and ‘what not’, and believes that if the parties were somewhat regulated and within reason, that’s the way to go. Perhaps that’s the answer then; as long as partiers can be responsible, we have a good compromise.

For now, it’ll be interesting to see how the party life situation continues. Maybe UBCO is destined for a pitiful party culture, or maybe we are destined to undergo a pendulum cycle, swinging between too much and too little. Or maybe the newfound enthusiasm is just what we need to develop a healthy party life that makes everyone happy.