Brendan Schneider - Photo by Cary Mellon.
Brendan Schneider - Photo by Cary Mellon.

The British Columbia Hockey League (BCHL) and HeadCheck Health Inc. (HeadCheck) have worked together for their second year of a partnership that aims to improve player safety using an innovative concussion management software.

The success from their first year has paved the way for a new national CJHL Concussion Program endorsed by the co-operators. The partnership saw all 17 BCHL teams implement HeadCheck’s software last season, allowing the league to establish concussion management protocols and monitor adherence to their policy.

BCHL team trainers and therapists used HeadCheck’s mobile app to record suspected concussions and perform the concussion evaluation required by the league’s policy. As the entire league would use the same system, a player’s concussion history was able to transfer with them from team to team, leading to a better standard of care.

“HeadCheck allowed our teams to conduct more efficient sideline testing and helped raise the level of care provided to our players. The nationwide adoption of the software by the CJHL will facilitate communication between leagues when players are transferred,” said Trevor Alto, Executive Director of the BCHL.

In addition to the software, HeadCheck supplies the league with monthly reports, allowing BCHL to identify any gaps in their concussion policy. Team trainers receive 24/7 customer support. Partner clinics also gain access to HeadCheck to help facilitate better treatment and medical clearance process. Headcheck will also be providing numerous information sessions to ensure that everyone in the league is able to use the software to its full potential.

“We were very pleased with the way the entire BCHL prioritized concussion safety and made every effort to improve the league’s concussion management procedures last season,” added Harrison Brown, Co-Founder and CEO of HeadCheck.