Photo from Kettle River Brewing.
Photo from Kettle River Brewing.

Quitting your day job, dropping out of school, and becoming a brewmaster sounds pretty far fetched- but it might not be as implausible as you think it is.

According to Brad Tomlinson, Head Brewer at Kettle River Brewing Company here in Kelowna, the demand for brewers in British Columbia is greater than you might think. There are over two hundred breweries in British Columbia, and that number is growing, meaning now might be the best time to get into the industry.

With so much to learn, it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to begin. But according to Tomlinson, it all starts with one simple step: drink a lot of beer.

“Start with home brewing,” Tomlinson says. “Hang out at breweries, chat with people. I find in this industry people are more than willing to answer questions.”

Tomlinson says he has always been eager to help new brewers on their path to success, a path that involves constant learning, trial, and error.

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