Photo provided by UBCO Tennis Club.
Photo provided by UBCO Tennis Club.

The UBCO Tennis Club is hosting a fundraiser tournament from October 12th to 14th on the Mission Tennis Club.

Founded in 2012, UBCO tennis club originally started with 6 students who were interested in representing the team amongst the western universities in Canada. Ever since, the club has been trying to promote the sport on campus. Unfortunately, tennis isn’t recognized as a varsity sport; therefore, the club does not receive any monetary support from the UBCO Athletics department.

The club has roughly 25 players who participate in practices and activities throughout the year. From those players, the club seeks out 14 players (7 males and 7 females) through tryouts to be a part of the competitive team.

The players in the competitive team will be representing UBCO throughout western Canada. They will practice all year round, two to three times a week, at the Global Fitness & Racquet Center. Players will travel at least three times per year, going to Vancouver twice to play against UBC and SFU and at the annual regional championships, where the team competes against Edmonton and Calgary to determine who gets to compete against the winner of the West Region Championships (UBC, SFU and UVIC).

The club’s main goal is to be recognized as a varsity team on campus. They will continue to promote the great sport of tennis from UBCO, and to the whole province.

The club would like to invite anyone who is interested in tennis to check them out on Facebook by joining the page, “UBCO Tennis Club 2018-2019”. Anyone who wants to get involved can also contact the club via email: