‘Nourishing Futures’ talks about their purpose.

Photo by Andrea Marie Tan
Photo by Andrea Marie Tan

It’s without a doubt that education has become an important step in life. However, not everyone has the privilege to gain access to it, most particularly in developing countries. With that in mind, a group of UBCO students started the club, Nourishing Futures, in order to help those in need.

“We're a student run non-profit supporting schools globally,…our primary beneficiary is Biningan Elementary School,” states 2nd year nursing student, and co-founder of Nourishing Futures, Chelsea Bigsot. Bigsot explained, “The school is super teeny tiny, there's about 59 students. It's in the rural northern province of the Philippines… A lot of these kids come from large farming families … and things are often spread out thinly.”

Bigsot hopes that Nourishing Futures would help alleviate some of the extra cost for the children in Biningan Elementary School. While the club is still relatively fresh as they started in September 2017, they got many supporting hands on Club Expo Day and recently held a successful fundraiser event, the Krispy Kreme Fundraiser.

Bigsot also added that they just sent a care package that was, “filled with school supplies and books and toys. A lot of the stuff were donated by individuals, businesses and other members in the community.”

In terms of promotion, social media would be the go-to for almost every club nowadays. To ensure that donations are going straight there, Nourishing Futures frequently updates their Facebook page.

Bigsot explained that, “something that makes us different from other non-profits is that we're directly working with the school… and we can see the progress and end results of enhancement projects right away.”

As Nourishing Futures is currently working raising money to build a shelter, their direct communication with the school is key, “The principal, Mary Joyce, has been keeping us updated on a report regarding the shelter project. Alongside a detailed breakdown of each aspect of the project, she makes sure that we are also informed on possible future decisions. Moreover, this project is also in collaboration with the Department of Education who have provided architectural plans,” Andrea Marie Tan, the VP External International of Nourishing Futures further clarified to dissolve donators’ doubts.

Nourishing Futures will also be having a room at ASA’s Haunted House event and Tan explained that, “The percentage of the profit we get from the Haunted House will directly go towards the Shelter Project of Biningan Elementary School in Batac City, Philippines.”