New Vintage Theatre Gave Flight to Two Wonderful Plays.

October 17-21 Saw a fantastic run of not one, but two plays put on by the New Vintage Theatre. They both took place at the Blackbox theatre and each night during its run Mockingbird Close followed Blackbird, except for the last Sunday where only Mockingbird Close was available.

Blackbird was exceptionally well acted. Hillary Omoe, a student at UBCO, was so convincing in her role as Una, a young woman that confronts her abuser 15 years later. Ray, played by Doug Brown, was perfect at captivating the audience and demanding their sympathy. This sympathetic reaction puts the audience in an awkward position. While the audience feels for Una the entire time and is horrified by what happened to her, there is still room to feel empathy towards Ray and his reasonings and his love for Una. Una also expressed complicated love for Ray. For such a complicated subject matter, it was a pleasure to watch these two and their chemistry on stage. The hour and a half duration flew by as the audience’s attention was captured from beginning to end.

The second play in the Birds series was Mockingbird close. It is a quirky mystery about a missing child in a not so ordinary suburb. It kind of resembled a modern take on Hansel and Gretel and was very well done. The son goes missing at the main couples cocktail party, and in their panic, they knock on their neighbor's doors. Only thing is that their neighbors are all quite peculiar. Hailey Sabourin and Graham Daley played the main couple. The neighbors were wonderfully portrayed by Elana Bizovie, Chuck Pereen, Tamie Williams, and Kevin Morrison. The actors that are chosen for these plays are always well thought out, and their performances were stellar.  This one was interactive during certain scenes where they shared baked goods and items with the audience. They included the audience in their inner dialogue which made for a witty witty, comical, and yet distressing performance.

The playwright, Trevor Schmidt, was also in attendance from Edmonton to answer any questions or simply to chat with the audience after the show. If you have yet to have a chance to go and check out some local theatre make sure you give it a shot.