Photo provided by Marlan Hall
Photo provided by Marlan Hall

Kelowna’s own Marlan Hall won the Battlefield Fight League Amateur Featherweight Champion title on Saturday, September 22. According to Hall, this win is the product of months of training and years of dedication to the sport.

“The training I do is twice a day. One in the morning and evening, 5-6 days a week, depending on how much rest I feel my body needs,” said Hall.

Hall added that before a fight he usually does 9 weeks of training. But for this championship title fight, he did a twelve-week camp, which included a very restrictive diet. He said, “[My diet] is no alcohol, not a lot of carbs, and lots of protein.”

Hall’s MMA career started at a young age, when he would watch UFC and fight with his friends. Since then he has trained in boxing, muay thai, and jiu jitsu.

“Since I’m actively fighting, I’ve had 3 fights this year. I think that’s a pretty good speed to go at.” said Hall.

Hall said that his family and friends have always supported him and mentored him along the way. Before his championship title fight, Hall promised his grandmother that he would bring her home the belt, and he kept his promise.

He said: “Bringing my grandma that belt meant the world. She’s such a big fan of mine, and I always told her I was going to come back a champion... I don’t know how much time I have with her, so the look in her eyes she gave me meant everything.”

With this latest victory behind him, Hall is already looking to the future:“[I plan] to take on all challenges and challengers, and defeat them. I’m confident in my abilities as an athlete, and believe I’m destined to get into the higher shows, like The UFC or Bellator.”

But for now, Hall says he is happy to celebrate his victory by spending time with his girlfriend, family, and friends.

He added: “Last year’s Christmas, I was given a bottle of ice wine that costed $280. I told myself and everyone that I would not open it and drink it until I won this title. So, finally, I was able to open it and celebrate.”