Returning: Jessica Moffatt

Jessica Moffatt is currently a third-year Science student who served on the Board of Directors last year as a Director-at-Large. During the debate for Directors-at-Large in the spring, Moffatt described the role as being “there to make sure the VPs are doing their jobs to their best ability” and ensuring that “what the VPs are trying to do is in line with the best interests of all students.”

Moffatt also emphasized the importance of the Directors-at-Large to sit on various committees to help plan campaigns, such as Open Education Resources. Moffatt also speaks to the importance of the Directors-at-Large role to represent minorities and the students on campus that do not have a specific faculty representative.

New: Soji Ogunbanwo

Soji Ogunbanwo is a fourth-year Economics student who is new to the Board of Directors this year. In the debate for Director-at-Large, Ogunbanwo stated that he viewed his role as acting “as a governing board for the SUO,” and to “hold them accountable for certain decisions they make.”

Ogunbanwo further emphasized the ability of the Directors-at-Large to “fight for rules or changes in [the] bylaws,” to improve student life and keep the Student Union and Board of Directors as a whole accountable.

New: Casey Stein

Casey Stein is in his second/third year at UBCO (he says “it’s complicated”). He is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). Last year, he founded UBCO Cares Mental Health Initiative here on campus, where he works with our VP Internal and his friend Caro to “reduce the stigma around mental health conditions on campus.”

Stein’s focus for this year is “to fulfill the initial vision [he] had for UBCO Cares, but also to push for policies as a Director-at-Large which would help the Students’ Union better reach the mental health needs of its members.” Stein also emphasizes the importance of pushing the SUO to be better about addressing the needs of its members.

New: Dela Hini

Dela Hini is a third year Sociology student, and served on the Board of Directors last year as the Applied Science Student Representative. This year, as a Director-at-Large, Hini states that she “represent[s] the interests of all students on campus, regardless of faculty.” She takes the motto “tuum est” seriously, as she believes “UBCO should be a place where students are supported in the journey of growth and education.”

Hini admits to sharing struggles common to students, including issues with grades and mental health struggles. Due to this, Hini “hope[s] to work on more mental health initiatives in order to break the stigma and encourage inclusivity.” This year, Hini is excited to connect with students and learn how the SUO can best support students in their academic, professional, and personal needs.