It should come as no surprise that this year’s group of first year students is the largest group of students in UBCO’s history. Indeed, UBCO is simply following the projected growth rate laid out in its Master Plan.

Photo taken by Andrew Memije - Head Photographer
Photo taken by Andrew Memije - Head Photographer

Last year, according to UBC’s facts and figures, UBC Okanagan had a total student population of 9,120. The number of first years let in last year was approximately 2,250. This year, that number is up to roughly 2,400. While this number does not seem like a huge jump, as only about 150 more students were let in, the continuation of such large numbers actually increases the expected student population to 9,945; meaning that there are about 800 more students on campus this year than last year. The student population has increased in total by about 9 percent.

While this in total may seem like a large influx of students, the Campus Plan laid out a projected growth of 1 to 2 percent per year, meaning that the roughly 150 new first year students are safely within this expected growth rate.

However, the influx of graduate and PhD level students are also contributing to the rapidly increasing population. Last year, there were 856 graduate level students working on a degree at UBCO, and this year the number has increased by almost 100 students, which is a growth rate of over 10 percent of graduate students from last year.

In addition to the graduate students, transfer students and students who are returning for an extra semester after fourth year, or completing a fifth year also factor into the increasing student population.